Saturday, 22 January 2011

It was Bertholt Brecht in the Bathroom with the Golf Balls on Wednesday

But first...let us start at the beginning.

A trip to the woods, via the water. Quite literally.

Nearly a 'You've Been Framed' qualifier:

Sawing wood for the fire



Popcorn (in 2 sieves, wired together):
Home-made onion bhajis:

Baked potatoes (wrapped in thick foil trays):

Improvised fishing:
'I don't think you'll be much in the water in January.'
'I know. It doesn't matter. I just like to fish.' all their variations:

The discovery of spores and their release (using pointy stick)
'Aren't some fungal spores toxic?'
'Hmm...shall we move on?'
A new path
Leading to a fab climbing tree:

And the golf balls? Well. It's amazing what you can find on a nature reserve:

Just one or two...bags full.
Later I share a gritty bath with some freshly-washed-with-nail-brush golf balls while I get to grips with Bertholt Brecht. Bless him.


Lynn said...

Love it - that's the way to spend a day! :-))

Stephanie said...

So many gorgeous mushrooms!!