Monday, 21 June 2010

Freezer trauma

I'm wondering if you can refreeze viennetta icecream. We've already lived on everything else from the freezer since it defrosted itself and all the contents last week. Well it didn't exactly defrost itself, someone (not mentioning any names) left the freezer door the south-facing conservatory...on a very hot day...all day.

So, we've eated the veggy sausages (3 different types). We've eated the veggy burgers. We've eaten the blackberries (though I have no idea how old they were, could have been donkey's years). We've eated 2 of the 4 tubs of home-made soup (sorry kids to inflict this on you, there's another 2 in the fridge).

So what's left to go now? Well we haven't eaten the frozen peas and sweetcorn, but we're working on it. And we still have some veggy pies to get through. The ice cream was beyond rescue: it had separated into its constituent parts, namely thick sludge and thin sludge. But the viennetta...

I'm gonna test it out on the kids this evening. I'll let you know if they survive the night.


Sam said...

Sounds like you've been having an interesting edible experience!

But surely the vienetta is a puddle by now. :-)

Big mamma frog said...

Well one end had melted into a sort of sludge, but the other was more or less intact. Luckily I think it was held together by the layers of chocolate.

Anyway we refroze it and all of us had some. And we don't seem to be dead yet.