Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A day in the life of a home educated bear

The day starts with a bit of bear bouncing:

Then little bear finishes off a mosaic (bears like butterflies):

But some bits are fiddly to do with bear paws:

Then little bear likes to join in with her bear brothers:

And puts her bear brain to the test with some copying (bears like writing):

Then little bear cycles to the park and goes elderflower picking with big bear brothers:

Bears like elderflowers:

And then little bear cycles to the library (on a bicycle that is much too small for her):

And strips the library of their entire collection of 'bear' books (bears like bear books):

Little bear listens to her bear brothers on the keyboard (bears sometimes get bored doing this):

Then removes her coat to make some elderflower champagne:

And finishes off the day with a bit of bear dancing (bears really like dancing):


arwen_tiw said...

Lol, cute! Can you imagine how different that bear's day would be did she not live in your house?

Lynn said...

Wonderful! I agree - that little bear lives in just the right habitat:-) x

kellyi said...

Vwey sweet bear. I have a boy who loves dressing up. His favourite is a dinosaur one at the moment.