Thursday, 18 February 2010

We haven't gone unnoticed...

From Lord Norton on the 'Lords of the Blogs' webpage here

"I recently tabled a question to find out how many pageviews the House of Lords website gets each month...The figures reveal that the number of pageviews is fairly modest – over 30,000 in a good month and less than 10,000 in a quiet month. Lords of the Blog does not attract that level of pageviews, but nonethless relative to the Lords website we are attracting a good audience. Since we started just under two years ago, we have achieved nearly 300,000 pageviews, with the daily figure going up in recent months. In recent weeks, the daily readership has sometimes been into four-figures. Mind you, that has been assisted considerably by the comments of Baroness Deech and Lord Soley on home education.

In terms of the comments made, we clearly attract contributions from a number of regulars as well as from a range of readers with views on individual issues. There is usually a link between the number of pageviews and comments made: the higher the readership of a particular post, the greater the number of comments. Among the issues that have attracted the most interest have been those of prostitution, the drug problem, the Digital Economy Bill, and the role of the Lords. Oh yes, and home education, which is now the most commented upon subject. Home education and the Digital Economy Bill seem to attract not only a great many comments but also the lengthiest...."


Grit said...

i wonder if they've realised we're trying to educate them... or are they just interested in their stats?!

Big mamma frog said...

Either way, at least our protests haven't gone unnoticed.

Of course we'll be getting ourselves a name as radical troublemakers, but hey ho. Just add that to the list of other stereotypes...wealthy pushy hothousing/sandle-wearing eco-freak/religious indoctrinating extremist parent.