Monday, 22 February 2010

More thoughts from the mind of a six-year-old...

dd: Mummy, how was the first person born?
Me: Er...well...
dd: Because to be born there would to have been another person. And to make that person there would have had to be another person. And to make that person there would have had to have been another person.
Me: Er...well..
dd: So where did the first person come from?
Me: Um...

I so remember having this 'chicken and egg' discussion with ds1 at a similar age. And I don't think I came up with a better answer then either. lol.

There are times when being a Creationist would make home educating easier. Or maybe not...perhaps the conversation then would go something like this:

Me (as a creationist): er, God made the first person.
dd: So, let me get this right, God made the first person?
Me: yeah
dd: Ok, then who made God?'
Me: Er...well
dd: And whoever made god would have to have been made by someone, who must have been made by someone, who was also made by someone. So who made that someone?
Me: Er...go ask your dad.

[I've just realised that this is the first post where I've put the labels god and religion in the little box below. I wonder what that says about my blogging...or me]


shell said...

That is so funny - kids ask the best questions don't they!? If my blog was about our HE I think my god/religion labels would be as long as yours ;-).

Elizabeth said...

We had many discussions when we were kids over who made God. Never got a decent answer!

I just always tell my two that absolutely no one alive knows for sure, but they can try and solve it when they grow up!