Sunday, 21 February 2010

I don't like to be smug but...

...'Schools are churning out the unemployable'

according to The Sunday Times, February 21, 2010
[Apologies to all those who send their children to school, but I AM going to have a smug Home Educator moment. I deserve it. I earned it. Just bear with me while I make rude signs to Mr Badman et al. and his cronies while quoting from the article...]

"...Sir Terry Leahy, the chief executive of Tesco, put it bluntly. Too many children have been leaving school after 11 or 13 years of compulsory education “without the basic skills to get on in life and hold down a job”. He said 5m adults were functionally illiterate and 17m could not add up properly. “On-the-job training” cannot act as a “bandage or sticking plaster” for “the failure of our education system”.

A CBI survey revealed that literacy and numeracy were not the only problems.
More than 50% of employers complained that young people were inarticulate, unable to communicate concisely, interpret written instructions or perform simple mental calculations...

...The DWP has made it clear: work is where the inflated claims for our state education finally hit the buffers. At every stage we have a system in which the expediency of politicians and the ideology of the educational establishment take precedence over the interests of pupils.

We have children who can barely read and write scoring high marks in their Sats because it makes the school, and therefore politicians, look good. We have exam boards competing to offer the lowest pass mark because it allows heads to fulfil their GCSE targets. We have pupils pushed into easy subjects at A-level — which excludes them from applying to a top university — because it benefits the school. And we have universities that offer a 2:1 degree, as the IT company director put it, to “anyone who bothers to sit down and take the exam”. "


Sam said...

Yeah, Mr Ballsy : a suitable school education?
"education is ‘suitable’ if it primarily equips a child for life within the community of which he is a member"
I think not! FAIL!
I like being smug ;-)

Liz said...

Ah, a smug home educator moment. Just what I needed this morning. I've been having a few wobbles recently. Thank you for that, I can now let me kids get on with their lego without a clear conscience!

Carolyn said...

Oh yeah!!!!
Read it and weep Mr Balls!!!

Grit said...

of course be smug! why apologise for offering better?!