Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Mr Kenwood will make a chef of me yet!

[Good blog post here on the latest ongoing Government vs Home educators battle. Should I call it a battle? Well it's certainly felt like it over the past year. Anyway, if you thought Ed Balls was a plonker (I'd like to say something worse, but I'd better not) before then the post will probably just reinforce your already-low opinion.]

Anyway...moving swiftly onwards.

My Kenwood Chef was finally delivered today. Hooray! I ordered it just after Christmas, but the snow delayed delivery, and all that time we were snowbound at home and I could have been baking, my mixer was lurking in some warehouse somewhere. But it's here now. All new and shiny, with shiny attachment thingies.

As you may be able to tell, I've never owned a mixer before. I'm expecting it to cure all my cooking ills, which is a tall demand. But I believe in the wonders of technology. It WILL make a cook out of me! Shame it wont clean the kitchen first.

We had more snow today. Had to take the kids to the pantomine (they had free tickets) and pick up another family en route. Super skiddy road. Took us an hour and a half for a 20 minute journey. At one point I was doing nothing and the car was sliding sideways, which was entertaining :) Well it was a quick cure for overcoming my fear of driving in the snow.

The snow started to melt later, then more snow came. I wonder how long this is going to go on? Our regular Thursday home ed meetup tomorrow is cancelled and I've organised a group outing for a week or so away, which I'm having to pay for up front. Big money. Enough to buy another Kenwood Chef. I know the snow is lovely, but I could really do with a thaw in a few days.

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Carol said...

Know the feeling! I feel a bit of a "grumpy" wanting the snow to go now but we all feel a bit trapped and want to get on with things again.

I actually saw a bit of tarmac today for the first time in two weeks - very exciting ;-)