Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ever wondered how a six-year-old's brain works?

20th January, 8pm:

dd (6yrs old): "Is that air-drying clay?"
Me: "Yes"
dd: "So if you put it in a place with no air would it still dry?"
Me: "Er...dunno."

1 minute later...

dd: "Why is it that when you're in a ball you go forwards, but when you're on top of a ball you go backwards. You have to run forwards to go backwards, but then you need to look over your shoulder to see. Daddy did tell me the answer, but it confused me."

3 seconds later...

Dd: "Do you know my favouritist word? BANANA COOKIES!You can say it loud or quiet, but I say it loud. But when I'm in bed I can't shout, I just whisper for some reason. I don't mind if I get things inside out [as she realises she's put her pj top on inside out]."

1 minute later...

dd: "So can I get another pickled onion?"
me: "Er, yeah go on then."

Returning from kitchen (with pickled onion in mouth)...

dd: "Mummy if I get this [toy fishing rod] touching that [can on table], will I be able to try a little bit?"
Me: "What my lager? Uh..I'm not sure about that."
dd: "It smells good, but my head thinks I don't like it cos it might be bitter like wine, but I might like it, but it might not be good for me because I'm a child."


Sam said...

Lol! Unfathomable :D

Carol said...

Seems to me that there's so much thinking going on it all comes out in an apparent muddle and makes little sense to the outside world!!!!!

As for the clay - a question only a free-thinking home educated child would ask perhaps! My guess is that it wouldn't dry if there was no air i.e. if it was in a vaccum ;-)

Big mamma frog said...

Yeah I was stumped with the clay question! And the ball thing actually makes sense if you think about it...she was imagining what happens if you were walking inside a giant ball compared with walking on top of's all physics really. That's what comes of having scientists for parents. And no, she didn't get a taste of my lager!