Friday, 22 January 2010

Business as usual

Ok. Big breath. Open for business as usual.
Today we went to The Roald Dahl Museum on a group trip that I organised. Yes, me, actually organising something that involves, well, organisation. Strange, very strange.

It's only the second time I've organised a Home ed group trip and anyone who knows me knows that organisation and responsibility are two words I avoid in my vocabulary. So it was an experience lol. But overall it went ok. And I've learnt a few things from the day which will help me with the other workshops I've organised for the next few months. [Yeah, I've been foolish enough to organise more. What am I thinking?! Eeek!]. Here are a few photos. I didn't take many pics as the workshop was rather - erhum structured - and I felt a bit self concious getting my camera out. Not that it usually bothers me, but it did today.

Yep that was it. 2 photos. Bit of a poor show for snap-happy me.

But I did get questioned about HE by the workshop leader (ex Headmistress). I answered the questions and - I think - gave her the answers she wanted without slagging off schools. Now I come to think about it, I was really very diplomatic and tactful and mature about it all lol. Must have been because I was wearing my 'grown up' cardigan (ds1 asked if I was going to work when he saw me wearing it). Yay! My 'Grown Up' disguise actually works!

On Wednesday we went to the sailing club. We haven't been for ages so it was good just to get a feel for it again, walk to the woods, let the kids explore.

Ds1 decided in his enthusiasm for survival skills to disguise his head as a large clump of moss.'s not working...I can still see you.

And dd was tussling with the dogs as usual. This is the child who when asked what she wants to be when she grows up, says 'A chihuaha'.

On Thursday we went skating with other home edders. There were loads of people there this week, choosing skating as an antidote to the cabin fever of a snowbound week I suppose.Thankfully the kids are all fairly independent on the ice so I don't have to go on with them any more. Which means I can sneak off and raid the chocolate machines instead ha ha!

And here are some photos of ds1's Ancient Greek creation:

Today I printed off heaps of stuff from the web on Ancient Greece and some stuff that hopefully will be useful for making lapbooks. Ds1 will be rolling his eyes at me next week {g}.


Sam said...

Sounds like you've been busy having fun!

Grown-up disguise? That's what I need too :-)

Carol said...

I'm impressed! The thought of organising anything more complicated than dinner fills me with dread!!!

And we're loving the's a great look!

Ellie's Treasures said...

Come back time and time again to your blog - always lovely to read so I'm passing on a Sunshine Award to you. It can be picked up from my blog, here: