Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Wild in the Woods

Some photos of our recent trips to the woods.

Today the kids were running around when a school group arrived.

One of my kid's friends said 'They must think we're really wild.'

To which I replied 'Well you are wild: you're free range and they're battery farmed!'

ds2 leading the way

and looking like something out of Lord of the Flies

Ds2 just chilling

Marshmallows are compulsory

Woof woof (bark)

Look what we found...

and these too!

And photos from our other recent visits:

DD and the beanstalk (actually it's creeper growing over a very old dry stone wall)

Playing starwars

Some creatures that came with us (oh joy!)

weird fungi

hanging on a hay rack

building a ladder out of branches

A visitor, come to check if we've got any sandwiches


Carol said...

They always look so happy! : )

Maire said...

Hurray for free range kids.

Big mamma frog said...

Carol, that's because I threaten to send them to the hairdressers if they don't (only kidding!). I reckon they look happy cos they've managed to convince their pack-horse of a mother to carry all the mounds of stuff (hammers, penknives, jumpers, ropes, soft toys, food, drink, buckets, spades, firelighting equipment etc) that they want to take to the woods! lol.