Thursday, 17 September 2009

Home Educators' Picnic (Oxfordshire)

The day started at 7.30am when a home educator and her wonderfully articulate daughter were interviewed on local radio:

and then there was bubble blowing and leafleting in the city centre

And here are a few photos from our day: (will try and post some more tomorrow!)

'Marching' with the banner to our picnic

A happy fairy

Magicking up some bubbles:

Smile for the camera!

Anyway...gotta go, low battery on the laptop. Will try and post more tomorrow!


Elizabeth said...

Was nice getting to know you a bit more! Your little one is adorable!

Maire said...

So many stunning pictures of these events.

There is now a flickr group just for not back to school picnic pics.

Some great stuff there already.