Friday, 18 September 2009

Please help us! Sign a petition against The Badman Report

The Report into Elective Home Education issued by the DCSF/Graham Badman has made many recommendations which threaten to change the lives of home educated children in England.

If the recommendations are approved there will be changes to primary law that will enable the government to intrude into the lives of ALL families in England.

Home educators are at the front line against these changes and we need your help!

A basic explanation of why we are protesting can be found here:

Please help us by signing the petition at

And, even better, write to your MP at (it's easy, honest!)

Even a simple letter to your MP saying that you are concerned about the recommendations will help.

The more letters they receive the more likely they are to pay attention.
We are a minority and need other voices to join us!

Please forward to those who might also be willing to support us.


[Graham Badman, finally realising that the report was based on woefully inadequate statistics, is now asking Local Authorities for further evidence! If it wasn't so serious it would be laughable. Too much for me to tackle all the info on my blog, but the Dare to Know blog does a grand job with all the relevant links...see ]

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