Thursday, 6 August 2009

Wishes really can come true...

When we attended a local music festival back in July there was a 'wishing tree', a branch where anyone could hang up their wishes. I mentioned it to the kids when they asked what it was, and then never said any more. A little while later I noticed ds1 walk over write something on a piece of paper and hang it up. This was it:

Ds1 has really caught the music bug. His sessions at a local montessori school have inspired him and over the past few months his guitar playing has gone from strength to strength.

Then, at the summer party at the montessori school, I discovered that he has been busy developing another talent. At the end of the children's performances there was an 'open mic' session and ds1 (look at the back) and his friends took to the stage.



So afterwards I said to him in astonishment 'When did you learn to play the drums?' and he replied 'I learnt it myself.' (!)

The wonders of autonomous education eh?

Apparently he'd had a go on the drum kit at the montessori school only once or twice before. Of course at home he bashes away on tamborines, taps on the dashboard of the car as we drive along, bangs on cuboards and tables etc. And all that time he's been learning...

SMUG home ed moment


Sam said...

Excellent drumming :-) My brother had various attempts at organising a band, and the drummers were always sadly lacking (in his opinion!)

Carol said...

Well, good drummers are always in demand......perhaps you can look forward to a cushy retirement after all!

Carolyn said...