Saturday, 8 August 2009

Cruelty to dogs, chickens and postmen

Ok, it's your own fault. If you roll yourself in lumps of wet stinky chicken poo, this is what you get:

and there's no way I'm letting you dangle those clean ears in that bowl of dog food:

Looks like Mrs broody hen needs some 'me time'. Once again the other 3 hens have to camp out.

And...the postman complained about our front path. I guess he didn't like wet vegetation slapping his legs. Serves him right for wearing shorts if you ask me (I know you didn't)
I did concede and cut the borders back a bit, but I do hope that means he will actually deliver packages rather than knock, stuff a card through the letterbox and run before I have time to answer the door.
We did like our old postman, who would do everything at snails pace and always had a fag break before doing anything, but at least he would stuff the packages behind the recycling bin if we were out. And he even used to say 'hi' to the kids.

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Carol said...

I rather like your front path - its very meadow-like. These postmen have no appreciation of natural beauty!