Friday, 6 February 2009

Small acts of kindness...

Well we're now on about our third day of icy snowy weather. Yes! Proper Snow!

Yesterday I rushed out in to the back garden so that I could be the first to tread in the pure white fluffy snow. Very childish, but I don't care. I snuck down and took some photos of the garden, and our pond which is frozen solid. I hope all the frogs will be ok.

Of course by the time Jack had snuffled around in the lovely white snow and left some little yellow puddles, it just wasn't the same.

There was a lovely little finch singing in the apple tree, despite such a freezing morning. Unfortunately you can't hear it very well because Jack wanted to join in too:

The whole of England has ground to a standstill because of the snow (what a surprise...). The radio announced yesterday that most of the local councils have already used up a year's worth of gritting salt, and are fast running out. Public transport is struggling to have any services at all, lots of roads are closed and some villages cut off. I'm sure the rest of the world must find our incompetence at dealing with a few inches of snow highly amusing.

Many of my friends, even if they can get to work, have decided not to. I think with the credit crunch the attitude is 'Oh stuff it! They'll make us redundant in a couple of months anyway!'
Even the more workaholic among them have been enjoying a few extra days off work (as one said 'It's been great - a bit like the Christmas holidays, but without all the stress').

Most of the local schools have been shut, so my bunch have been playing in the snow with the neighbourhood kids.

They made giant snowballs in the local park. And with the neighbours' kids my bunch made a big snowman on our street. We had problems finding things that would stick in well enough to be his eyes and buttons (the eyes ended up being those little skewer things that you stick corn cobs onto!). And yes, that is a tomato and two potatoes balanced on his tummy!

This morning we found him crushed into a heap. But I'm glad I've got some photos.

And here's proof that it has actually been snowing. It would have been nice if the snowman could have been more animated (some tap-dancing perhaps?), but I guess that's the disadvantage of having no legs.

Yesterday all the neighbourhood kids set to task clearing the snow from our next door neighbour's path with shovels and brooms. Our neighbour is virtually blind.

It was lovely to watch the kids as they worked together. One of them said 'If she comes out with money we mustn't take it. We're doing this because we're nice and we're her neighbours.'

Later she dropped a card through our door for the kids. It said: 'Thank you for clearing the snow and thank you whoever gave me a snow angel - I am told it was lovely'.

On a letter from her today she said 'I hope the children understood what I had written on their cards, I am very grateful, it restores my faith in the youth of the country.'

Small acts of kindness can make such a difference, can't they?


Carolyn said...

How is so nice for he children to get recognitionfor their kind act.... my eldest was asked yesterday by an elderly neighbour to go and fetch his newspaper from the local shop. The old chap is usually so very quiet and rarely speaks. Amazing what a bit of snow can do!

Anonymous said...

Aww, that's lovely, what is a shame though is it's not commonplace anymore