Friday, 6 February 2009

The Milkweed Project

We've decided to join the Milkweed Project:

'The Milkweed Project is a collaborative art project that will culminate in a giant art installation that will create, for visitors, the feeling of being inside a Milkweed Pod (as I imagine it to be). Knit and crochet works by different artists will be hung, draped, connected, etc. to create a gallery full of thousands of soft, white stitches for visitors to walk through.
The artwork will be made of knit, spun and crochet pieces created by fiber artists and crafters from all over the world.'

For more information see

The only problem is that they are looking for pieces of work at least 3 ft long!

I figured that together, me and the kids might be able to put something together. The randomness of 4 different sources of creative input (only one of which can sew/crochet/knit) will just add the the artistic effect!

If you fancy having a go too, join up at the above webpage. The plan is to cap the participant numbers at 500.

Oh, and apparently a milkweed is a thistle...or something similar.

I spent yesterday looking in charity shops for white/off-white jumpers to unravel as we are going to need quite a bit of white wool. No luck so far.


Anonymous said...

Ooh I'm in this too! Having the same issue with the white/off-white yarn but we have until the end of the year to get it done, so should be fine. It's a lovely project isn't it? :)

Big mamma frog said...

Yes, it's a great idea. I thought it would be a fab project for me and the kids. The white wool is an issue, though: I have heaps and heaps of wool in just about every colour you could think of, but only one small ball of white wool!

Sam said...

I'm doing this as well. I might let the kids join in - who knows ;-)

When we're looking for colour, all we can find is white. When we're looking for white...Typical, lol.