Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Worldwide Culture Swap - Puerto Rico

Posting this up a bit late, but here's our worldwide cultural swap from Puerto Rico.

Lots and lots of lovely items,

including a Puerto Rico bag, pencil, pictures, photos, traditional wedding souvenir, postcards, two little maracas, sesame seed candy, a wonderful folder of photos and information, playing cards of the Puerto Rico flag, and a keyring and colouring sheet of the Puerto Rico mascot the Coqui (tree frog), a letter from our swap family, and more!

Photos below of the kids opening the package:


Pip said...

where did you find out about your culture swap? We had a fabby box of goodies from a friend in Ireland and the kids loved it!!! i would love to do more of them xx

Big mamma frog said...

Hi, you can sign up for a swap here:
http://www.worldwidecultureswap.com/ Usually you get assigned a group of 4 others (2 from the USA and 2 families representing other countries). I think you can also request a single swap and a 'mini swap' if you just want to try it out. It was great fun putting the packages together, but difficult to find things that wouldn't be too expensive to post. I think we spent about £30 in postage and maybe another £10 in buying things to go in the packages. For a cheaper option there is Postcrossing, where you send and receive postcards from all over the world. Cheaper, but less exciting for the kids I think :) http://www.postcrossing.com/

Pip said...

oh thank you for that. i will go and have a look at both. both would be fun for the children and exciting!