Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The weirdest scones in the world and other adventures

Am realising it's been a while since I posted. Here's a round-up of latest activity from The Chicken Shed household...

'Open doors' weekend when various buildings (or parts of buildings) that wouldn't normally be accessible to the public open their doors for free:

Art Deco cinema (now a club):

And upstairs, the projector room with original (1950s?) projectors being refurbished:

A chapel:

And a tour of the local mosque:

Sibling adoration:

Carbon chemistry (from Ellen McHenry's Basement):

More carbon chemistry (plastics)

...And more carbon chemistry (how to shrink polystyrene!):

Frozen fruit milkshakes (From River Cottage Family Cookbook):

Weddings (where mother finally acknowledges she has put on two stone since last known photo of her was taken and wonders if she should invest in some Gok super-strength undies to hold it all in):

(The answer is probably yes)

Budget secondhand and bargain dressing of children at wedding. Of course they we all angelic without excessive bribery:

More chemistry (well, soap making, but it's still chemistry):

And finally, the weirdest scones in the world.

Trust me, they look better in the photo than in real life. Think dog biscuit with currants in.

Anyone got any good tips for scones? Actually, better still, just bake me some and send them.


C said...

Looks like you are all having a lovely time. I love looking at old buildings.
The scones have a lovely 'rock-cake' style about them. They look yummy though!

homeschool family said...

Wow it looks like you have been VERY busy doing lots of great things, and by the way you look lovely in that photo (no Gok knickers needed!)

Anne B said...

My secret is a Sainsbury's scone mix. Add milk, stir and roll out. Oh, and my awful circulation means I have cold hands. You may have to hold yours under a cold tap for a while!

I love the look of the cinema, and covet that outfit too.

Ruth said...

Scone mixture needs to be fairly wet so the cooked scone is juicy and moist, not dry. I even soak the fruit in orange juice first too. The chemistry looks great :)

Ruth said...
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Ruth said...

It went on twice!

Anonymous said...

This blog is just such a lovely illustration of home ed. Fair makes me miss it! x

Hannah said...

Rachel Allen's scone recipe (but with less milk) every time ;~)

Anonymous said...

Nice dress and wrap thingie BMF. You need to get out more and dress up glam - it suits you!

Big mamma frog said...

Ah parasombra, I don't really do glam (trust me, I looked a bit 'bag lady' compared with the others who were frocked up). I used to do grunge chick quite well, but sadly it's not considered appropriate wedding guest wear.

I did draw the line though: NO tan tights, NO heels(instead, £4 charity shop flatties), NO fascinators (or whatever those awful things are). I had to maintain some self respect! And underneath that dress I was wearing silver and black stripey over-the-knee socks...

Pip said...

ohhh just found your blog after you commented on my post on OXON HE group (thanks for the help BTW) Glad i found this! Loving the science.... need to get more science related play going on in my house. My eldest is a real science boy!