Monday, 29 August 2011

What do electronics, food, knitting and art appreciation have in common?

All are potential activities in a week home educating!

Making a radio transmitter with our 100 (1000?)-in-1 set (acquired many years ago from a carboot sale):

The Foodies festival. We got free weekend tickets for the family after entering a local competition. (which reminds me I must enter more). Of course we only went for the freebies. And yes, that is a giant cheese:

And photos of Sandham Chapel, Newbury, last week:

Sadly I couldn't take any photos inside, but the paintings by Stanley Spencer were really quite incredible.
Ds2 and dd in the garden, with the handpuppet I had knitted (intended to be one of many for the Christmas shoebox appeal, but dd got to it first!):


Anonymous said...

Brilliant to see real home ed at its best! x

globeonmytable said...

Blue knitted man is so lovely! No wonder they nabbed him.