Monday, 15 August 2011

Michael Morpurgo and the Imperial War Museum, London

Thinking of putting this photo permanently on my blog:

(It's a chunk of The Berlin Wall outside the Imperial War Museum, London)

Yes. I'm the nutter who takes photos on London buses.

Michael Morpurgo talking at the Imperial War Museum.

'Little Manfred' the wooden toy dog that inspired Michael Morpurgo's recent book.

A gun. (There were lots more).

First World War Trench Experience (obviously you can't tell by the photo but it was very smelly and a tad claustrophobic):

ds2 posing by a tank:

dd getting to grips with submarines

Perfect photo opportunity:

Ice creams by the Thames:


A wolf made of (?) straw:

Beach huts (they weren't there last time so I'm assuming they are part of something arty):

Yep. It's bigger than our kitchen.

'Rent a dog'. For a dog-mad daughter (on the side of a beach hut):

I think they call it dancing. Looks painful to me:

The end.


Lisa White said...

What a wonderful day out. We are big fans of Michael Murpurgo too!

I'd take a photo in a London bus too ;)

homeschool family said...

That looks like a really good day out. Was Michael Morpugo good? He is speaking at the Cheltenham Literary Festival and I am not sure whether to book tickets or not!

Big mamma frog said...

Yes, he was brill. This is the second time I've heard him speak and I'd go and see him again. He's a fabulous storyteller, full of interesting anecdotes, and is marvellous (and non-patronising) with the kids and the adults. I'd rate him higher than any author of adult novels I've seen talk.