Saturday, 7 May 2011

KNEX Robot Challenge day


D♥ said...

Hi, I've just been reading through some of your back posts and I wanted to say thank you for making me feel better! I always assume every other home educator(apart from me)is super organised with a big plan and a totally cool head. We went ice skating in Oxford a few times but I felt like such an amateur in HE terms that I barely spoke-I am not used to putting my self out there when I am less than confident and I probably seemed very reserved (not me at all really-as my kids are only too keen to tell anyone who will listen!!). So really this is just a big thanks for not being a super efficient iceberg and for being brave enough to say it how it really is.You have made me laugh and cheered me up no end! Sorry this is so long.

Loz said... there any possibility that I can pinch a picture of 'spike' Ethans' team robot. He took some on his phone, but sadly we can't upload them... :(

It was a brilliant day from the looks of it. I'm so happy that all the kids enjoyed themselves, we'll definitely be up for it again! :)

Big mamma frog said...

Sure Loz. If you can't download it easily from the blog let me know and I could email it to you.

D - Ah yes! That illusion of efficiency and organisation! Don't be fooled, most of us home edders are peddling like mad simply to muddle through! There's also the fear that everyone's kids except your own have genius tendencies... I still fall for that one sometimes :)

Glad you like the blog, and good luck with the home edding. The HEers are a friendly bunch so I'm sure in time you'll feel more confident around them. All of us were new to this at some time.

MadameSmokinGun said...

This is impressive stuff! Did the kids get much of a look in?

Big mamma frog said...

I think there were a few competitive dads on the scene lol, but I stayed very hands-off.

Lego is definitely more my thing.