Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hello to my followers, fans and - er - hangers on

Because I'm having a warm and fuzzy feeling tonight (possibly brought on by sobriety due to lack of alcohol in the house) I thought it was time that I said 'hello' to those people signed up to follow this blog. There are, according to Blogger, a wholesome 32 of you. Which is really quite a crowd. An admirable audience.

Of course it is quite possible that some of you signed up mistakenly. Possible that some of you were expecting something else from this blog. Possible that some of you have been disappointed. And also possible that some of you don't care and don't read anyway.

But whatever. I want to say 'hello' to you all. And 'thank you'. I feel toasty to know that there are 32 people who might occasionally drop by and lurk (plus those of you who comment but aren't followers - yes yes, I love you all too).

Thank you audience. Please give yourself a round of applause and take a bow. Oh, and if you wish to step up from your seat and comment while cheering yourself, please do.


arwen_tiw said...

LOL hello!

I *lost* a follower this week, leading to a momentary sense of betrayal followed by guilt (was it something I said?) and a big helping of embarrasment that I cared...

Sam said...

Clapping from the audience here :-)

Shell said...

Clapping here too ;o).

MadameSmokinGun said...

Yay - another classic verif word - disit. As if I would!

32 followers eh? Is that more than Jesus in his heyday?


Big mamma frog said...

Oh yes MSG. I'll let you know when I'm having the last supper, you're all invited. Just wish I could do that water into wine trick, would come in handy.

arwen, oh I do sympathise. I'm not sure what I'd do if a follower dropped off the list. Probably cry into my beer. I mean it actually takes a thought process and effort to remove yourself as a follower. I'm surprised noone's dropped off my list yet considering what stuff I spout on here.

Greetings Sam and Shell!

Emma said...

More clapping!! ;-)