Sunday, 22 August 2010

The anticlimax

I think I peaked too early.

We are going to Scotland.

Back in April I was asking people for recommendations of Scottish historical fiction for children. I bought out Amazon marketplace. We eventually started reading the first one a month ago.

I borrowed all the books on Scotland from the library. Ordered more. Left them on the shelf til they were overdue.

I made the kids watch documentaries on Hadrian's wall (nearly Scotland) and Scottish lakes and Mary Queen of Scots.

I joined the Caravan and Camping Club and booked campsites for the journey up.

I ordered more books from Amazon (this time on walks in Skye - we might only be there a few days but, hey, of course we'll do masses of walks and stuff).

I bought those pocket things that hang on the back of car headrests to put all my scotland books and maps and walking books.

I bought two of the kids new walking boots.

We bought a new gas cylinder.

I bought car chargers for phones and Ds thingies and rechargeable batteries and leads for this and adapters for that.

The kids have new paper and pens and stickers and other junk.

Dh bought a selection of tarpaulins.

We spent 5 grand on a 6-seater van.

I went to Tescos and bought up a selection of tinned vegetable curry (about the only thing that ds1 will eat when we go camping) plus two boxes of other assorted food that I'm not sure anyone will eat, like Smash and boil in the bag rice.

And now it is all piled up on the table. With THE LIST.

Don't you just love packing?

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