Friday, 2 July 2010

A post a day...

Well, pretty much every day this week. This must mean either I'm using the pc as a displacement activity or that I've completely switched off to the whole domesticity thing. Or both. Yesterday I found myself checking emails and facebook and my blog every 5 minutes, just in case someone somewhere had tried to communicate with me. If my social life wasn't so dire I would suggest that I need to get out more. The freezer aisle of Tescos doesn't count.

Well seeing as I'm here, I'd better post about something. I have two photos to share. As you can see, we've found out what those leggy cases were dangling from the reeds in our pond. This creature still had his/her's attached when the children caught it:

So, not a damselfly, but a big greeny dragonfly. It's looking a bit soggy cos today, for the first time in a while, it is raining. Proper daytime summer showery rain. All warm and smelling of damp leaves and pollen. (Aaaattiiishhhhoooo!).
The kids woke up with mosquito bites this morning. A sure sign that summer has definitely arrived.

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