Thursday, 8 July 2010

I'm twisting your arm

Sorry, but it's like the end of year school performance. I'm going to make you sit through other kids' performances. And it'll seem like forever (even though it's only a few minutes). And you're not going to even get to see your own kids tearjerker moment. Tough. I waited all year for this. And someday I might even buy the poor kid a drum kit.



Carol said...

Totally fantastic!! I think DS1 really deserves a drum kit ;-D I think he's proven his commitment and ability. As for DS2 - well my DD1 plays violin to grade 7-8 standard but she can't pick up a tune by ear like that. Impressive sign of musical talent me thinks.

As for the Dads............

Carol said...

Oh and you didn't need to twist my arm...I love to see kids enjoying music ( and I don't mean those plugged into ipods!)