Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Monitoring HE mentioned in Bill :(

More legislation on the horizon for home education?

Monitoring arrangements for home education are mentioned in the Improving schools and safeguarding children Bill


"Creating world class standards in schools, listening to parents, giving them more information and acting to protect vulnerable children by:
delivering the commitments in the forthcoming Schools White Paper including:

  • a new set of guarantees to an individually tailored education for each child and their parents;
  • backing head teachers to enforce good behaviour with measures to clarify parents responsibilities to sit alongside their entitlements;
  • an accountability framework and school improvement strategies for all schools, underpinned by a new School Report Card;
  • giving parents a greater say over the range of schools in their local area;
    clarifying the role of Ofsted and other inspectorates in inspecting Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) and enable information sharing for LSCB purposes;
  • improving monitoring arrangements for children educated at home;
  • helping to tackle anti-social behaviour through powers of intervention with Youth Offending Teams that are considered to be failing - otherwise putting young people and/or local communities at risk;
  • putting in place a new framework, based on the position in youth courts, to enable the media to report the substance of family proceedings whilst protecting the identities of families and providing the courts with discretion to disapply this safeguard where it is in the public interest and safe to do so."

It's really worrying that because the home ed stuff is all mixed in with other good-sounding stuff it could just end up slipping through parliament with little resistance.

You can comment on the draft proposals here

as well as making your views known to your MP.

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