Saturday, 20 June 2009

Allotment dilemmas and a little poem about carrots

I've been looking back at the last time I posted anything about the allotment, 19 May I think. There is a lovely little video of dd sprinkling carrot seeds onto my nicely dug, weed-free soil.

I have an update...
Ok. Spot the carrots.

They're in there somewhere. Honest. Found them yet?
It's a bit like those 'Find Wally' books, except that carrots don't wear red stripey wollen hats and football scarves.
Clue: They're the ones with the frizzy leaves (not the groundsel, horsetail, chickweed, grass or thistle).

Am I entering the allotment contest this year ?(criteria: imaculate disease-free weed-free veg, edging trimmed with nail scissors to exactly 2 inches, must be owned by retired person with huge flagons of pesticide and weedkiller, willing to put in 10 hours a day of weeding and tilling and picking)


In fact the allotment secretary didn't even ask me this year.

Phwarh! What do care? [big raspberry noise].

Anyway, here's a little poem I have written in my head as I am blogging.( Don't expect grand things)

The Little Carrot Poem

I had some little carrot seeds
I put them in the ground,
but when I came to dig them up,
no carrots could be found.

I know I had a row of them
I sowed them nice and straight
I watered them and sung to them
And then I had to wait

But when I came to find my veg,
The patch was tall and green
Horsetail, dandelions and grass
Were all that could be seen

I guess I should have weeded them
And given them more time
Cos then we have some carrots
On this dinner plate of mine!

Ok. Well I said not to expect grand things! No, I wont give up the day job.
I have another allotment issue. Rather embarrassing really.
A fellow allotmentee gave me some of her wonderful Italian courgette plants. The ones on her plot are doing fab - loads of big lush green leaves, lots of tendrils...
This is what the ones on my plot are doing:
Well, look on the bright side...they're not dead (yet).
But why does it have to be the ones she gave me?! I mean, look at my home grown courgette (planted next to the ones from her). It's positively thriving! It's going to be a monster!
Ok, so that's allotment dilemma no2 (no1 weeds, no2 killing off a neighbour's present)
No3 dilemma is how do you pick a bush of blackcurrants when 30% are fully ripe currants, 20% are semi-ripe and the rest are still green?

Why can't the blighters just all ripen together? What is it with them?! Are they deliberately trying to make work for me? !

By the time the non-ripe ones are ripe, the previously ripe ones will probably be over-ripe and fallen off. Am I to just sit for hours picking off individual currants?

(by the way, 'Yes' isn't an option)

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Carolyn said...

Fabulous!! I loved the carrot poem!!!!
It doesn't completely apply to mine, as they are well weeded but mine are equally as odd. They started out, like yours in lovely neat rows...two different types, all marked up. Then Louis arrived...he was smaller than I realised and slipped through the original fence...he did what I could only call a frenzied gallop at full pelt, in a figure of eight kind of motion,all around the veggie patch, scarifying the newly sown seeds everywhere!!!
My carrots are all down one end, growing very densely and I don't know which type is which!!! Ho hum.
And hy should allotments all look the same? Rather boring, I'd should tell them that you are making it easier on newcomers as such beautifully organised and well weeded patches could put some people off!!!! ;-)