Saturday, 11 April 2009

Bonfires and music

There's nothing like a good bonfire, is there? Thought it was about time we got rid of the pile of bramble cuttings left from my early Spring garden purging. Not sure that the neighbours appreciated it as much as we did lol...

And here's one of my nice neat raised beds after the clear up, with lettuce, rocket and some onions. The hoops are so that I can pull over some polythene if we get a frost.

The music sessions at the local Montessori school have inspired ds1. One morning I came downstairs to see him playing this: (he'd worked out the riff all on his own)


And dd1 joins in with musical popcorn...



Carolyn said...

We love a good bonfire too!!!
And I didn't know that you veggied in your garden as well as your allotment.
Fab music guys!

Big mamma frog said...

Yeah I think my gardening eyes are bigger than my gardening stomach IYKWIM?! if the kids were in school just think how much free time I would have to tend all those veggies...{g}