Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Anyone fancy a trip on the titanic?

No? Well I think our chances of survival on the Titanic might well be higher than at the hands of the newly-revealed Home Education Review panel.

Rather weighted towards Childrens Services and Ofsted it would seem and not looking at all favourable for us home educators. Strange how a review panel on home education managed to have no-one from the home education community on it...

Ok, so even the optimistic part of me is thinking now that we're b******d.

Expert Group Reps


Early Years, home learning environment, child development:Professor Ted Melhuish, Birkbeck, University of London

Education / curriculum: Mick Waters – Director of Curriculum, QCA

Child protection / 3rd Sector:Delroy Pommell, Director, London and the South East, Barnardos

Safeguarding: Steve Hart, (HMI, Ofsted)

SEN: Jean Humphreys (HMI, Ofsted)

3rd Sector: Paul Ennals – Chief Executive, NCB

ICT / future technologies:Professor Steve Heppell, Trustee of

Children’s rights:Sue Berelowitz, Chief Executive, 11 Million

Safeguarding: Professor June Statham, Institute of Education

Education:Professor James Conroy, Dean of Faculty of Education, University of Glasgow

SEN: Beth Reid, National Autistic Society

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Jax said...

I'm sure I've read that James Conroy used to home educate?

tbh, I think the make up of this panel might be in our favour in that we can fairly point out that it is biased against us by virtue of having no one with any experience/ knowledge of EHE particulary autonomous education. That's what I keep telling myself.