Tuesday, 5 February 2008

"That's one small step for man...

...one giant leap for mankind

- dammit! Fell down the crater again!"

Yes, this is supposed to be chocolate cake. Got the recipe from another home educating friend, but somehow it didn't work quite as well as hers :) You may notice a teensy weensy dip in the middle..?

Perhaps it had something to do with confusion over the recipe - baking powder AND bicarb? - and what sort of flour - hmm let's try self-raising - and uh oh, forgot to sieve the cocoa so it's gone in in huge lumps that now wont dissolve - oh, most of that went on the floor (it's ok, seems the dog likes cocoa powder) - and, oh, only got 10 mins before we're due to go out, better wack up the heat a bit - oh, what's all that smoke in the kitchen? - oh yeah, I remember, pizza from 2 days ago that's still in the oven- hmm, well take the cake out, might not be done enough, but we gotta go - oooh look at it sink - oh dear, one BIG crater.

And as if to add insult to injury, 2 minutes after this photo was taken (while I was washing off the astronaut's feet in the kitchen) the dog got up on the table and ate half of the cake. So now it has a huge dog licky sodden misshapen patch out of it and looks even less appealing.

I can't help thinking that if god had intended me to bake, then I would have been born with oven gloves.

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