Monday, 29 January 2007

Why The Chicken Shed?

Having 'first day of blogging' nerves [twiddles thumbs, chews the keyboard a bit], but here goes....

Why 'The Chicken Shed'?

Well, firstly we have chickens.

Secondly my kids run around and make the equivalent noise most days as a flock of chickens (or 'a flock of prairie hens' as Laura Ingalls might have put it).

And most importantly because alot of the time my house looks like a shed. I don't mean it actually looks like a wooden building with space for tool storage (though some days...) No, I'm referring more to the slang word 'shed', which when used in the context of a house, means incredibly messy. (It's equivalent to the phrase 'a pig sty' if you're from the south, like I am). It's one of those words that comes, in my experience, from people who use words like 'buggerlugs' as a term of affection (never did really get that one...)

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