Wednesday, 31 January 2007

The First Piano Lesson

Ds1 had his first piano lesson on Monday (bless his cotton socks...). He was so nervous. Well actually we were both nervous, though in my case I was more nervous about him bottling it at the last moment and me looking a complete plonker stood on my own saying 'er sorry..couldn't get him out of the car, couldn't prise his fingers off the door frame'. But, bless him, he did it all a treat, with his little legs dangling down in front of this huge grand piano.

The lovely gentle piano teacher, Sally, asked him what he noticed about the keyboard on the piano and ds1's reply (in true character) was, 'Well it's a lot posher than the one we've got at home' [!]. More prompting from Sally; 'er well what do you notice in particular about the white keys?' to which ds1 replies ' well these have got all the ivory on, whereas there are bits missing on the ones at home'. Sigh...there's nothing like the honesty of a child... {g}

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