Saturday, 27 February 2016

Rocks and minerals: igneous rocks

We've been using a long-ago downloaded resource from Currlick to study rocks with dd (The title is Intellego Unit Study Soils, Rocks, Minerals and Fossils - I'm not sure that it's still available to purchase) . Many of the links are out-of-date, but it's been a useful prompt to watch videos and do a few experiments.

Here we are, using wax crayon shavings to replicate some of the processes involved in the rock cycle.


 Sedimentation (sedimentary rocks)

Pressure (stamped on the folded foil)


Some of the intro videos we watched:

Intro to different types of rocks/rock cycle

Igneous rocks:

Video on identifying igneous rocks:

This week we looked at pumice rock as an example of an extrusive igneous rock:

(you can get pumice at most chemist shops in the toiletries/bathtime section. We bought ours for around £1 at Wilkinsons.

Experiment with floating rocks:

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