Tuesday, 5 May 2015

C14 Robotics team: finally over the jet lag and now sitting exams

C14 team members had a week to recover from the excitement (and exhaustion) of the US before most of them sat their GCSEs. Ds1 has gone off this afternoon, having been ill all day yesterday, to sit English, his weakest subject. It doesn't bode well.

He needs to pass English or Maths to get onto the college course he wants to do. If today is a wash-out, we have 3 weeks to cover - again - an entire GCSE maths syllabus. When you're dyslexic and need to cover something 10 times to remember it and there's still no guarantee you won't have fog-for-brain on the day, exams can seem like some truly awful lottery.

To distract myself from the stress and worry I am going to post up some photos from the team's time away. It has been an amazing experience from them all, and even though they didn't come back with any awards, they are still the UK & Ireland FLL champions.

C14's pit area, decorated like a souvenir shop on Oxford Street

A brief moment to chill out

They took The Queen with them. She had to have her own pass.

Arriving late on stage (oops, overslept!) but just making it there for the medals

You wouldn't believe how many people came up and asked them what country they were from.
Maybe they didn't make it obvious enough?

Stress at the competition table


More photos

Exploring St Louis.

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Dolphinwitch said...

Wow! What an awesome experience - so proud to see these guys representing both their country and Home Educators :)