Sunday, 9 February 2014

C14 Team success - and a well-deserved rest!

It was a long haul. A lot of hours. A long day at the competition.

But they did good.

 The robot performed consistently well (though not achieving the 400+ scores they know it can). Apparently, several features of the competition table were different to those they had been rehearsing with. I'm told the 'wall' was higher than they'd expected. I'm also told the lego man (known fondly by C14 as 'the hobbit') had been given flexible legs and this required an adjustment of the robot between runs. Not being an expert in areas of walls or hobbits, all I could do was nod, sympathetically.

Despite the robot not doing as well as they'd hoped, on the competition table they got into the final top 8 - 7th we think in the final scores. The other aspects of the competition went well. Their presentation (they said) was a success. They spoke to members of other teams, got to chat with last year's winners, Untitled 1, whose 6 years of attempts had culminated in a truly amazing lego robot. They had a lot of fun.

All the competing teams were awarded medals. Then, to their surprise, C14 were given the 'Innovation Award', an award for 'extraordinary creativity and innovation' in robot build.

Some very chuffed boys.

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