Monday, 9 September 2013

Ellen McHenry "The Elements" Lesson plan/scheme of work

Our 'lesson plan' for Ellen McHenry's The Elements. I've included a selection of the activities, but feel free to add in more or alter to suit your needs. We found it best to pre-prepare all the games before we started the course as the prep can be quite time-consuming. Most of all, follow your kids' lead :) Mine liked to play the chemistry games, so we slotted in extra sessions just for game playing. Ellen McHenry can be found here :

You should be able to download and print the document using the download button at the bottom of the document.


globeonmytable said...

I raise you my ModPo poetry reading schedule for this autumn. Do you want to join this course? It's amazing.

bigmammafrog said...

I joined last year but never got past the first week as things got to busy. Would love to have another go :)