Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Ellen McHenry science: eyes are bigger than stomach

I'm hoping to catch up with biology with the kids over summer. To kick off we've dug out the free Ellen McHenry invertebrate lift-the-flap classification chart from here.

It's a shame she never made a vertebrate version, but I rediscovered the classification cards that I'd lovingly laminated long ago when I was in a laminating mood and these are now velcroed to a felt board. I am starting to feel like a proper home educator ;)

Ellen McHenry's The Elements has made a reappearance. We've used it before so most of the printing and prep for games has already been done. I'm also planning to start Environmental biology IGCSE with ds1. Well, we are going to tentatively dip our toes in that direction (let's not get ahead of ourselves).

As you might have guessed, it's a case of eyes bigger than stomach. My enthusiasm to cover lots of subjects is larger than the time or energy we have to do it all.


Ruth said...

I know the feeling. I have so many ideas, so many resources but when it comes to it life just gets in the way. We manage basics nowadays ( IGCSE English and maths with a bit of history) and the rest is fitted in as and when. Funnily enough I was just on Ellen's basement trying to work out if her Botany course on sale is the free ones she gave out earlier in the year. I think it is so I've scored lol

bigmammafrog said...

Yes I think it is the (previously) free one. Last thing I heard she had planned to give away the B&W version free and was going to publish a colour version.

I wish she'd publish more. We do so love her stuff!