Thursday, 21 February 2013

Perhaps this is a sign of a good day when you home educate.

You're driving home from a busy home ed event, with a few extra children than you left home with.

You know when you get home you'll have bags to unpack, food remnants to pick out of rucksacks, folders and papers and coats to rehome, children to entertain and a dog - who hasn't seen you for all of 3 hours - to calm down.

Then you'll have to scramble around for snacks and drinks for everyone. You might have to hassle a child to finish a bit of 'homework' or do their chores that they negelcted to do that morning before you left. And you'll probably have to start preparing dinner before packing up the next set of bags to head out to the evening's activity.

Back to the driving...

There you are, anticipating all this packing, unpacking, meal-making, dog-entertaining etc ahead of you, when from the front seat of the car, your dearest middle child holds up something between finger and thumb.

"When I get home I'm going to microscope my toenail"


Education - don't you just love it?


Lily said...

lol, real science that!

We have a collection of cat whiskers that Cupcake keeps saying she wants to examine under the microscope. I'd like to complain but i rememeber similarly being fascinated by slivers of dry skin and dead insects...

Lisa White said...

That's fab!