Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I'm feeling the urge to write more philosophical posts...

Yes. There are some topics I want to talk about.
I want to talk about how our home ed style has changed over the past year or so, from semi-autonomous to really rather structured/parent-led, and how that particular journey has been for us.

I also want to talk about our experience of having several children who are 'late readers', and in particular what it has been like starting IGCSEs with a child who has many of the 'dyslexia' symptoms. Needless to say, we have encountered some issues that we just hadn't foreseen.

And I also want to talk at some time about how the 'secondary years' have fared for us, in general, not just ftom an academic point of view. 

And there is still the issue of juggling the needs of three very different children.

But for now, I'll jyst post up some photos of our Christmas and New Year.


kelly said...

Ooh, I'm looking forward to your posts! I have a newly turned twelve year old and I'm a little bit at sea just now.

Katie Pybus said...

Your post ideas sound cool.

Happy New Home Education Year.

I'd like to write more philosophy posts but it's usually a sentence at the end!!

Julia Pollard said...

And lovely photos they are too! Thanks for sharing. Hope 2013 is filled with philosophical post inspiration, joy, love, and much happiness for you xxx

Fablabmum said...

Looking forward to your thoughts on all that. I'm going through alot of the same right now - and the three I have left at home are all totally different with very different interests and needs. I wish I could cut myself into three parts then it would be easier!