Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Harmony Fine Arts Course

 We've got back to doing the Harmony Fine Arts course over half term, as our regular commitments aren't on and we have a little more time at home.

Of course we don't actually stick to the instructions, but it gives the children something to start them off and then they pretty much do what they like.

Today's inspiration was to paint an autumn picture.

Instead dd decided to do leaf rubbings with leaves from the garden and oil pastels.

Ds2 seems less impressed with the course.

'Impressed' is perhaps the wrong word. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that he finds it harder to get inspiration from the ideas, and tends to give up quite early on with each 'exercise'. It might be because he's doing it with his sister and when she 'flies' with an idea he feels 'stuck' by comparison. She seems on the surface less inhibited, less of a perfectionist. Quite likely this is an age thing. It may also be a personality thing. Different children have different approaches.

Maybe it's simply that he likes to do a particular sort of art (Manga) and will repeat one figure over and over again, and isn't much interested in any other sort of art. He often works at one figure on-and-off for weeks, with not much (in quantity) to show for the hours he puts in.

He'll be starting a few art sessions at the centre we go to and I wonder how he's going to take to being given 'art instruction' and a limited time in which to work. It will be interesting to see whether he enjoys it, and what, if anything, he produces during the sessions.

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