Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Making paper logs (to burn on a fire)

Soak torn newspaper in a bucket of water for a few days
 (a capful of bleach helps break down the fibres)

Break up the sodden paper a bit, then put it into a paper log maker
 (ours came free from our local swap shop)

Then squeeze. It helps if you have a heavy person to hand. (No photos of me!).
Oven gloves stop the handles cutting into your hands as you exert pressure on the soggy pulp

Tip out the 'log'

Dry somewhere warm (e.g. in a greenhouse) for an eternity.
The blocks might take less time to dry out if you don't happen to live in a UK climate.

Voila! In order of construction...from back to front of picture.
(Quality control supervisor had the day off)

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