Monday, 28 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee educational resources (or another excuse to use the laminator)

There are some fab resources here on the First News website - Jubilee videos and PDF downloads.

Even if, like us, you're not that interested in the Jubilee there is a fab timeline of Elizabeth II's reign and 40 pages of monarch 'fact sheets' which can be used for other projects.

The timeline is in A3 format but if, like me, you have a fairly fancy printer, you can either shrink to fit A4 size or use the 'poster' option on the printer layout which prints four A4 pages to one A3 page of timeline.

And ditto with messing around with the fact cards on the printer. I've printed four-to-a-page with the intention of laminating them (Yay! All power to the laminator!) and using them as fact cards.

Sadly, I now have no more excuses for my ignorance about our monarchy.

I'm not sure how long this stuff will be available on the website, so get downloading asap!

Also worth checking out the jubilee resources on Activity Village here (colouring sheets, puzzles etc, plus a recording (with words) of the National Anthem - copied below). No I didn't know any of the verses, either!

As the printer buzzes away my kids are running for the hills!


Carolyn said...

Have been hiding in the middle of a field trying to pretend that we could get away with not 'doing' the Jubilee, but find myself arriving home this afternoon to a village adorned with bunting and teh promise af a wonderful weekend of celebrations. Oh bum.
Then I saw your post and thought that maybe it might not be so bad.....if I get to use my laminator then it must be a good thing....right?!!

Big mamma frog said...

Well I'm as enthusiastic as you are about this Jubilee thing. I even had to google how many years 'diamond' was (that's how much notice I've been taking lol).

But, like the olympics, I feel like I should at least go through the motions. And a laminating session always makes me feel like a proper home educator :)