Saturday, 14 April 2012

Title? You expect me to think of a title?

Like I've got time to think of an original blog post title. Far too busy.

While ds1 was doing something archaeological in Surrey, I took the smalls and the badly behaved rampant hound for a walk across the heathland. So boy scout boy was put in charge of the trail of breadcrumbs and other useful signage on our path into the forbidden forest. Until, that is, ds2 decided he'd seen a snake. Imaginary or otherwise, this was distracting. Three people, making lots of noise, wracking their brains trying to remember what Ray Mears said about cures for snakebites.

The dog and the girl run. They like to run.

See the girl and boy. They like to play.

See the girl and the boy and the tree. The mother says 'smile or else'. The boy and the girl smile.

 And then, in a week when the weather shows signs of improving, we troop off on woodland walks.

 Walking means different things to different people.

Some like to bring their toys with them

Some like to carry a mascot for the journey

Some just make weapons.
Others have a more mature response and photograph the wildlife


Or small people encountering wildlife

Meanwhile back at the asylum, trouser-loving dd decides she can't possibly part with her much-loved (but too short and thin-at-the-knees) trousers. So mother has an idea. She decides to make a hybrid pair of trousers, as follows:

she takes a pair of trousers which dd doesn't know about (and which are too big around the waist)

And takes dd's much loved shabby trousers
lops the bottom bit off the too-big trousers

and sandwiches it in the middle of the much-loved pair to extend and hybridise. (With only occasional cursing and bad temper.)

But someone is happy

And here are some of the things we were doing before the crash and burn, and which we will, no doubt, be returning to:

I encourage dd to make a lapbook about owls. She is not enthused.

I try to make an IGCSE coursebook interesting for ds1. He is not enthused.

Ds2 finds joy in a computer programming course. At least one of them is enthused.


Lisa White said...
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Lisa White said...

I love the idea with the trousers! :)

Ross Mountney said...

Title? It's a wonder, looking at this, you have energy to write anything at all, let alone the title! :-)

MadameSmokinGun said...

Love the trousers - amazed you not only thought of it but DID it. Massive respect.

Lily said...

Love the hybrid trousers, have been thinking of doing a couple of similar things myself (Cupcake gets taller without expanding at the waist). Must get on with them now and blog about them! Thanks for the reminder.

Motherfunker said...

I have missed a trick there with trousers, my guys forever get holes in theirs. Neat trick.