Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Four things Captain Scott found in Antarctica (and one that found him)

On an icy theme still...see this article here

"Found in the tent alongside their frozen bodies were 16kg (35lb) of fossils, a meteorological log, scores of notes, and rolls of film taken by Scott himself.

The dying explorers thought these too valuable to jettison, even though lightening their load could have played a part in the life and death struggle after weeks of travelling in temperatures below -37C (-35F)."


Anne B said...

Thanks for doing all this research, BMF. My 2 think you are wonderful and find great stuff for them to play with.

Ella said...

HI again,
I just saw your comment over at 'life by the sea' about developmental optician helping with tracking and focusing.
Was wondering if you could give me a little info on this?


Big mamma frog said...

Ah yes developmental optician.

Apparently they have a lot of them in the US, not so many here.

We used Paul Adler in St Albans (you can google it) as he came highly recommended by other home edders (some of their kids have SEN, so I knew Paul would be fine with quirky children :) )

I think they call it 'vision therapy'. In our case because we are quite far away it involved an hour long assessment followed by computer programmes with eye exercises. It's not been cheap, (£200 for initial assessment then more for exercises) but it has certainly helped in some areas of ds1's reading - his tracking, focusing, ability to read larger chunks of text and find information within documents. At the moment he's using 3d glasses for the exercises, but different children get different exercises prescribed.