Monday, 17 October 2011

Open University Frozen Planet (free poster)

Frozen Planet ' a 7-part BBC One series exploring the scenery and wildlife of the Arctic and Antarctic.'

Looks like it might be a good series. Order a free Frozen Planet poster here

I've been thinking of doing something polar-themed with the kids for a while. We started a while back, but didn't really get into the swing of things. I suspect, the reason was my over-keen approach (!)

Experience has told me that we need the softly softly approach in this house not the Oh-God-Mum's-found-a-new-project-and-has-bought-the-entire-stock-of-Amazon-books-on-the-subject approach.

There is a downside to parental enthusiasm.


Sam said...

Thanks for the heads-up :-)

The parental enthusiasm thing sounds horribly familiar. I get roll-eyes as soon as I even open my mouth!

Anne B said...

I have an answer. We'll swap children for a while. They love that sort of enthusiasm and throwing themselves at a new topic and I find it exhausting at times!

Funnily, we're doing that too, but I'm limiting myself to a couple of unit studies we found on Currclick and the results of a library trip.

Liz said...

Thanks for this - mine loves David Attenborough so she's looking forward to this series, I'm sure the poster will get her even more excited :)

z barras said...

Thank you too! This will fit in perfectly with what we are "planning" to do!