Sunday, 10 July 2011

Historical fiction websites

I've added a couple more links on the right sidebar for historical fiction. I now know of two sites devoted to historical fiction for kids: my favourite here, Historical Fiction for Children, which looks slightly amateur, but is a truly amazing resource and includes short synopses and age recommendations. It seems to be mostly UK authors which is a bonus (the US seem to be great at producing historical fiction for kids, but the history tends to be US-based).

The other site is here , Historical Fiction for Children and Adults, that I found today on a home ed list. I haven't had much chance to look at the latter, but I suspect at least some of the material is duplicated between the websites.

In addition I've added a web link (again from a home ed list today) to a site that lists historical series. These seem to be all adult books, but may be useful.

One day I will compile our own subject lists of historical/subject fiction we've read. Currently we're venturing into the realms of World War I and fiction has been a little difficult to track down. Will keep you posted.

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MadameSmokinGun said...

I'll have a proper look at these at a later date when I don't need a wee. Thanks for all your hard work handing useful links to me on a plate as I am way too lazy brain-dead to do any of this myself. Already have an accomplice in the jelly-baby wave machine plan. Jolly good. Carry on...