Monday, 4 April 2011

Adventures in Chemistry - Ellen McHenry's Atom - iser

Some of you may have heard me proclaim the wonders of Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop website here

After trialling some of the free downloads, and looking at the sample chapters, we opted to send for The Elements on CD.

Those who know our family, know that structured courses, curriculums and textbooks are really not our thing. But this is something different. We're already half-way through chapter 3 (of 8)and all thoroughly enjoying it. Not only is it informative and interesting, pitched appropriately (but not patronising) AND it is fun. (did I just say chemistry was fun - yikes!)

The material covered is aimed at ages 8-13. However the book covers concepts I'd barely heard of until I studied for my O levels. If only I'd had access to a resource like this I would have found chemistry SO much easier!

The only downside was me deciding to be a cheapskate and opt for the PDF file on CD instead of the printed version. Having now printed out all 167 pages...

Here is the atom-iser activity, designed to explain the structure of atoms and introduce the idea of atomic number of elements in relation to their position on the periodic table and characteristics of the elements (Or you could consider it an educational way to eat Skittles for breakfast!)

And here is another activity, using element cards.

I've now ordered the Carbon Chemistry book (a follow-on to The Elements) here

And to finish off this April Fool's trick, played on the youngest member of the family:


homeschool family said...

This looks really great, perhaps it is something we will bear in mind for the future, and will definitly order the printed version!! Better be stocking up on coloured M&M's. x

z barras said...

This looks great. I've been looking for a science programme to follow and this sounds perfect, I love the idea of the sweets too!