Wednesday, 29 September 2010

More photos from Scotland holiday

More photos, in no particular order. Just trying to catch up with everything. Will post more recent news soon.

The wind farm near Edinbane, Skye

view from campsite, along the loch, near Edinbane

View from our campsite, near Edinbane, Skye

The cottages in the harbour at Portree, Skye

Dd blending in with the coloured cottages

View from Portree coachpark

Trees in the grounds of Dunvegan Castle, like something out of Harry Potter.

When trees without leaves look this green, you can bet they get alot of rain.

Lichen, lichen everywhere. Or is it a type of moss? Bizarre stuff all over the trees at Dunvegan castle gardens and elsewhere in Skye

view across Loch Dunvegan, Skye, from campsite

Driving along. 'Old Man of Storr' in the distance, Skye (and no, this isn't a postcard!)

Long and winding road, Skye

Road into the mountains, Skye

Yet another brooding sky on Skye. A photographer's dream.

View of campsite across Dunvegan Loch, Skye

Amazing autumn-coloured seaweed!

Dunvegan Castle in the rain

Talisker distillery, Skye

View of the river flowing into Dunvegan Loch

dh and ds1 and 2 climbed to the top of the hill and waved

And...the journey home...

Running along a beach near Morecombe

Shells, everywhere!

A beach near Morecombe

And the tide came in fast

Do you think they get alot of offshore wind around here?

Eric Morecombe at Morecombe

Eric Morecombe

A curry at Morecombe

Walking across the rocks on the beach near Morecombe


The Coffee Lady said...

You were in Morecambe? I could have waved.

Big mamma frog said...

Aww yeah. Never been before and loved it so much would love to take the kids there for a whole holiday one Spring or Autumn. It had that wonderful 'out-of-season-seaside-resort' feel that I just love. Oh, and the curry was fab!

Grit said...

i'm homesick. i don't live in scotland and i've never been to morecambe. but i'm hard wired to the colours of the skies! beautiful pictures, thank you!

MadameSmokinGun said...

Are you a proper photographer like? Your pictures are amazing. You should publish a book - if you haven't already.

I love that Eric Morcambe statue - especially as seen from the bottom of those steps. Fantastic.

Big mamma frog said...

Aww thanks (blushing).

I used to be into photography as a hobby bc (before children), so I guess old habits die hard.{g}

We had a darkroom in the house, but mostly I did colour slide photography, nature/landscape stuff (I soon discovered that portrait photography means you have to be nice to people, whereas bugs and birds don't care lol).

Alas now I just have my handy digital snappy camera, which doesn't quite live up to the job.

In the end I freecycled most of my old camera equipment - couldn't bare to be reminded of my previous life...

I wonder if men put their lives on hold when they have kids, or is it just us women who are martyrs to parenthood?

MadameSmokinGun said...

I know the feeling bigtime. No men don't put anything on hold. They add to their 'hobbies'. Anything to get out of the house it seems. And so often they get away with it because they're such a pain in the arse when they are in it. Like having an extra stroppy teenager/toddler thing........

Have I gone too far? Mmmmnnnn - excuse me I have some washing to fold. It's piling up on top of my dried up paint boxes and rusted pottery tools......