Friday, 4 December 2009

I love my Crocs

I love my crocs.
Yes, they are ugly.
Yes they have become some sort of weird fashion - or anti-fashion? - statement.
Yes EVERYONE seems to have been wearing them over the Summer.
BUT the best and most marvellous thing about crocs is that dog poo doesn't stick to them.
3 times - yes 3 times! - I stood in dog poo as I was hanging out the washing today. And it didn't stick. Not one bit. Not even the lumps that had melted all squidgy after the rain and frost.
I love my crocs.


Debs said...

They should put that on their website! "Amazing dog poo repelling properties".

I love my crocs, too, but haven't yet noticed the dog poo phenomenon. I'm obviously just not trying hard enough. ;)

Maire said...

I love my crocs, I can't wear anything else as my feet are still too swollen as a result of breaking both legs in the summer. I would say my crocs have been part of my therapy.