Sunday, 26 July 2009

A quick catch-up. Here are some photos from our week in Charmouth at the beginning of July.
HESFES photos are to follow soon.
Then I need to post up lots more of our past week's activities too (I'm trying to keep up, honest!)

Ds2 fossil hunting at Charmouth on our first day of the holiday:

It's a bit blowy, isn't it?:

Dd models a hawkmoth (very fetching):

Rock-pooling and fossil-hunting at Lyme Regis:
A sea anemone:
We found some beautiful fossils at Lyme Regis
(sadly they were in boulders the size of a large suitcase!)
We visited Lyme Regis museum, which is on the site where Mary Anning lived and sold fossils in the 1800s. [For a good book (historical fiction) on Mary Anning, try 'The Dragon in The Cliff by Sheila Cole']
Take a photo of me Mummy!

Some of our beach finds. The fossil at the bottom of the picture is - according to a very helpful man in a fossil shop in Lyme Regis - a Plagiostoma giganteum.
(Ds1 was hoping it was a trilobite)

And this is the museum example:

We did come back with a huge boulder (I could only just carry it) with some fossilized bones in it. I've named it Fred the dinosaur. I suppose it might come in handy as a doorstop.
We discover the pub life of Charmouth:
And ds2 discovers his acrobatic talent in the pub garden:
For several nights running we had a visitor outside the tent. After the the hedgehog had had his fill of Jack's leftovers we were woken up most mornings by a huge seagull finishing off the remaining crumbs and clanging the dish around the front of our tent.
That'll teach Jack not to eat his dinner!

Ancient dinosaur footprints?

The kids discover that there is sand at Lyme Regis, not just rocks and fossils:

And then they discover the money arcades...

Well that was a whistle-stop tour of the first week of our holidays. HESFES next.


Julia said...

Great photos - I enjoyed the post, thanks :o)

Carolyn said...

Lovely pictures!! I prefer pebbly beaches personally...sand just gets in everywhere!! And they don't have fossils on them ;-)